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003 Blue Poppies Watercolor Jigsaw
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Blue Poppies Watercolor Art  Free Jigsaw Puzzles 003
Flower Landscape - Window into Provence, South of France

Fine Art Jigsaw Puzzles:  Blue Poppy Painting Watercolor with Big Bird

Three different dreams merged into this watercolor painting.

  1. The landscape out the window was my dream image of a future trip to the South of France, Provence
  2. My love of gardening and flowers and especially poppies had me captivated by these blue poppies when I first discovered them. I wanted to see these poppies in person.
  3. And the fun playful spirit of Big Bird was there as an inspirational representative of the entire Muppet gang.
    I wanted to feel like a kid.

So it is 'sort of' a floral and still life artwork, and 'sort of' a landscape painting,...with a hint of cartoon. I tried to be discreet with tiny Big Bird on the window ledge, you know, because he is so powerful.  He looks especially cute in his blue beret with paintbrush and palette. The glass vase holding the blue flowers (and also yellow buttercups) is a Coca-Cola glass which to me meant the 'real thing'.  I really wanted this trip to come true (which it did!) and I think maybe the coke helped cause its the real thing.  This is silly but its how my mind worked then.  This was painted while we lived in Oregon.  It's cloudy there often, so it's cozy to stay indoors and paint and dream.  When the sun comes out, everybody runs outside.

There is an actual blue poppy flower that you can buy seeds for called meconopsis betaconfolia [or baileyi or grandis] and it is actually this shade of vibrant sky blue with a golden center! (the exact startling blue color in the painting)  It is so beautiful, it almost doesn't seem real.  You can see them in bloom at Butchart Gardens in Canada in May. There is a cute restaurant there called "the Blue Poppy" too.  These flowers are from the Himalayas and like moist high cool growing locations. Big Bird (in lower left corner on window ledge) wants a baguette. What can I say, he is hungry for he has been painting all day. I hope you enjoy yourself playing these fine art jigsaw puzzles!

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fine art watercolor prints you can visit my watercolor artist gallery.) blue poppy picture meconopsis beticonfolia
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floral and still life artwork blue poppy

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