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001 Cartoon Tree Nature Jigsaw Puzzle
002 Abrahamster "feel goo" Jigsaw
003 Blue Poppies Watercolor Jigsaw
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008 Abrahamster Yuma Jigsaw Puzzle
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010 Cute Chinchillas Jigsaw Puzzle
011 Cartoon Hearts Jigsaw Puzzle
012 Cartoon Ice Cream Jigsaw Puzzle
013 Funny Wedding Vows Jigsaw Puzzle
014 Cartoon Fairies Jigsaw Puzzle
015 Koala Baby Jigsaw Puzzle
016 Abrahamster Positive Quotes Jigsaw
017 Daffodil Watercolor Art Jigsaw
018 Cartoon Students Jigsaw Puzzle
019 Snorkeling Cartoon Jigsaw Puzzle
020 Cartoon Dogs Jigsaw Puzzle
021 Blue Cartoon Giraffes Jigsaw Puzzle
022 Cartoon Birds Happy Birthday Jigsaw
023 Cartoon Whale Happy Birthday Jigsaw
024 Cartoon Whale Jigsaw Puzzle
025 Big Cartoon Smile Jigsaw Puzzle
026 Cartoon Rabbit Lettuce Jigsaw Puzzle
027 Butterflies & Bunnies Jigsaw  Puzzle
028 Cartoon Birds Winter Jigsaw Puzzle
029 Cartoon Students Classroom Jigsaw
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031 Peony Watercolor Art Jigsaw Puzzle
032 Success Cartoon Tree Jigsaw Puzzle
033 Cartoon Turkeys Jigsaw Puzzle

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Gray Whale Mother and Baby Swimming  Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles 024:

Cartoon Whales Mom and Calf Swim

Sending You Best Whooshes for TONS of FUN!

Gray Whales... Are they not just the most beautiful and amazing creatures?  Whale-come to my gray whale cartoon free online jigsaw puzzles.  This mother and baby swimming were painted when I returned from a trip to visit the whales in their birthing lagoons in Baja Mexico. I could not stop thinking about them.  Their majesty continues to inspire me.  

A few gray whale facts and cartoon pictures of baby whales, krill, and a cute barnacle:

Each year the pregnant females migrate south into the warmer waters to give birth and raise their babies. The whales follow the Pacific coastline and yearly make this incredible 10,000 mile trek.  The baby gray whale calf's are 2000 pounds at birth!  And about 15 ft long. (The mom is about 50 feet).   It is said that life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away and seeing these whales in person is one of those moments! 

cartoon baby grey whales graphic

Gray whales do not have teeth.  They have baleen plates that sift out tiny sea creatures (amphipods) called krill from the silty bottom of the ocean.  They are filter feeders.  It is so interesting that such a large creature eats such a tiny creature.  It would be like us living on tiny shrimp the size of sesame seeds. No, the size of poppy seeds.  We'd have to filter huge quantities of liquid to get enough of the tiny seeds to eat. They churn up the north pacific ocean bottoms sort of like roto-tilling flower beds... nutrients from the cold rich waters and oxygen get all mixed in making it a happy place for the krill to breed. 
The baby whales (1 month old) are fantastically adorable with dimples which a hair or two will grow out of.  Unlike their parents, they have no white barnacles attached to them yet. (usually) 

Krill cartoon amphipod

Krill Cartoon picture

They feel like a smooth spongy wet suit (the young baby whales). I very briefly touched one.  I will never forget it.  I have touched a dolphin which is a more slippery plastic feel.  The grey whales have a two part blowhole and they breathe air and are warm blooded mammals. I read that they can hold their breath 15 minutes and longer.  The spout or blowhole of a whale makes a wonderful loud exhale sound.  When the sun was right, I could see rainbows in the blow mist stream.   See my cartoon whale animations here.

cartoon barnacle

Barnacle cartoon

Send this grey whale jigsaw puzzle to a friend as a free ecard for whale-wishes, whoops, I mean whooshes... or is it best fishes...?  Just squidding.. 

Here is a fun cartoon whales (mom and baby gray whale)  free online jigsaw puzzles game 024 to play. 
Cartoon whales with whale wishes for whale being and best whooshes for tons of fun greeting.
If you would like to vary the CUT OF THE PUZZLE click on the
shapes button, you can alter the cutout jiggy shapes and change the difficulty of the puzzle to give yourself more of a challenge.  Some of the cuts (shapes) are incredible!  Very fun crazy ones.  Some really hard! There is a built in timer if you want to test yourself (and or if you happen to also be cooking eggs) When you move the pieces with your mouse, listen for the CLICK as you release and you will hear when the piece locks into place.  The timer starts when you click on a game. 
fun! Set your mind free!    (give it a few seconds to load) 



Chart of different puzzle cuts- shapes and number of puzzle pieces.



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