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People Laughing Cartoon Faces - Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles 025

Happily Ever Laughter Cartoon With Rainbow Smiles

Laughter is contagious.  Just like a yawn, you can catch it from watching or hearing someone else laugh..  Get a group of people together with unstoppable laughter and most likely, you will be laughing too.  It is also so funny to hear all the different ways that people can laugh.  The high pitch tee hee twitter and giggles and the snorting big guffaws.  I love the soundless uncontrollable laughs where tears are running down my face while I am holding my sides. Those times I feel like I cannot stop and will laugh uncontrollably until I die.  That is so fun.

This jigsaw puzzle below is a quick cartoon pencil sketch I did in my journal of people laughing.  I was drawing one picture for each letter of the alphabet and laughter was for "L".  The rainbow smiles just sort of happened.  And   ....then I decided to title it happily ever laughter.

Also below is a poem I wrote about laughter.  You are free to use it non-commercially if you drop me an email telling me how and where, giving me credit and linking back or naming this site as it's origin.   But whatever you do, I hope you find something to crack up about!


cartoon boy laughing hysterical laughter tears cute
cartoon rainbow laughing face clip art
cartoon laughing clipart
surprised cartoon eyes clipart

It's No Laughing Matter - Poem by Lilly F.

A laugh is contagious, it's just like a yawn
It takes just a giggle to turn laughing on
And once it gets going, it sometimes won't stop
My whole head's infected, from bottom to top

When the laughter bug bit me, loud chuckles came first
I was laughing so hard, I felt I would burst
And soon I was dying in sidesplitting glee,
It's no laughing matter, don't catch it from me!

I laughed my head off and just as I dreaded,
My head blew away and I felt so light headed

cartoon holding balloon head says "I feel light headed" joke

So always remember...fall, June and September
Tomorrow, today and every November
A laugh is quite catchy, it's very contagious.
Just one tiny snicker can start laughter outrageous!

Send this laughter cartoon to a friend as a jiggy free ecard.

For a few more laughs and funny ha ha's:

Laughing babies is a funny video clip of 4 quintuplet cute babies laughing.  There are many more laughter videos on You Tube and Google Videos. This baby poof is also delight.  Bloopers and out-takes are funny as well.  Those spontaneous moments when the surprise of laughter strikes are the funniest.  I can't get enough of them.

Laugh Dance is my lens of funny video clips of humorous dancing and entertaining funny moments. I can watch many of these over and over and they have the same hysterical crackup effect on me.  I have to be in a very bad mood to not laugh at them. I love that mysterious unserious power of laughter!

Here is the people laughing cartoon faces free online jigsaw puzzle game 025 to play.
Time for some Happily Ever Laughter funny hysterics of cartoon rainbow smiles.

If you would like to vary the CUT OF THE PUZZLE click on the
shapes button, you can alter the cut-out jiggy shapes and change the difficulty of the puzzle to give yourself more of a challenge.  Some of the cuts (shapes) are incredible!  Very fun crazy ones.  Some really hard! There is a built in timer if you want to test yourself (and or if you happen to also be cooking eggs) When you move the pieces with your mouse, listen for the CLICK as you release and you will hear when the piece locks into place.  The timer starts when you click on a game.  Have funSet your mind free!    (give it a few seconds to load) 



Chart of different puzzle cuts- shapes and number of puzzle pieces.


cartoon of people laughing

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