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ABOUT THE ARTIST, Lilly Fluger -Professional References   

Fun Collage with animal stickers saying things about Lilly

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Bundle Bradshaw

Cute Cartoon bunny rabbit with beach ball in sandals named Bundle
Lillyarts Fun Art
Hi and welcome!   She asked me to say a few words.  Officially she is L. Fluger the 'artist' but I call her Potty Monster. She loves to create cute and witty, yet charming and sophisticated cartOOn creatures like me and the gentlehare to my left.   She's fun.  She likes to go to the beach and zoo and camping.  We eat carrots together.  (My name is Bundle.)

Cute Cartoon bunny rabbit wearing tuxedo holding Champagne by L. Fluger
Lillyarts Fine Art
Good tidings fine ladies and gentlemen.  
L. Fluger  paints nature's exquisite form, nuance, and patterns as a thank-you to life.  She loves the focus on the beauty.  Currently watercolor is one of her favorite mediums of expression.  She enjoys museums, cocktail parties, and the theatre.
 We eat endive together.  (My name is Bradshaw.)


Picture of Lilly In todays times, you just never know who you're dealing with anymore or the qualifications of an individual.  That is why these personal references are here, so you can just relax knowing without a doubt, this is a person you can trust with your cartoon needs. 

This was my brief acting career. 
I played a cute fuzzy pink creature called  "I am Me" while living on Pine Island in Florida.

Lilly at campfire being fire monitor.

Here is a picture of me (Sept 2006) working in my office.  I am fire monitor. 
(Those days of being a Camp Fire Girl really paid off!)

Lilly photograph

(April 2007)  Here I am at the Wild Animal Park.  I am looking up cause things are looking up.  Which is very good if you are around giraffes.

Lilly head photo

(May 2007)  Here is where I go to get lots of important skills and vital information:  from the highly esteemed and world renowned Dr. Zoolittle.  New strides in the advancement of the human race are made during every one of his enlightening presentations.  I've seen his bug show 7 times and it still doesn't bug me.

(Dr. Zoolittle lives at the San Diego Zoo.)

Dr.Zoolittle San Diego Childrens Zoo
Childrens Zoo Crossing Sign directions
Lilly at drawing board
Lilly Thumbnail San Diego

Here I'm sitting at my drawing board.
You can't quite see the great horned owl feathers, or tropical fish magnet and a very cute stuffed ram.  Together, they open the space time continuum in my head and make a big hole where inspiration can just fly in.  Of course, I first have to get myself  tuned into that bunny mood and ready to receive the inspiration....but that's another story...

I LOVE SAN DIEGO!  It's a sunny Christmas Eve Day 2007, and I'm on the ferry to Coronado Island in SHORTS going to the beach at the Del Hotel!  Life is beyond good.


October 2009 This was a 33 pound delicious squash I got at Ralphs.  It is exactly the same kind I discovered in the south of France, at L'our de Chateau, in Rognes, France.  (Chez Philippe et Isabelle Regnault's ferme)  It makes the best squash soup.  Inside, it is bright orange like my shirt.  There it is called courge muscade.  
I am almost done eating it.  I froze it and am on my last ziplock.  It is now April 2010!  I ate the whole thing all by myself.  Delicious.

Lilly-Donkey named Sophia Loren  San Diego Zoo

April 25, 2010 at the San Diego Zoo with a funny donkey named Sophia Loren. 
This was a Sunrise Surprise Behind the Scenes Tour.  After this I got to feed Clyde the bacitran  (2 hump) camel and get oozy slimy camel saliva drools all over my hand, it was great.




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