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001 Cartoon Tree Nature Jigsaw Puzzle
002 Abrahamster "feel goo" Jigsaw
003 Blue Poppies Watercolor Jigsaw
004 Cartoon Stress Chinchilla Puzzle
005 Cartoon Fish Jigsaw Puzzle
006 Cartoon Exercise Chinchillas Jigsaw
007 Cartoon Cats Jigsaw Puzzle
008 Abrahamster Yuma Jigsaw Puzzle
009 Funny Cute Rabbits Jigsaw Puzzle
010 Cute Chinchillas Jigsaw Puzzle
011 Cartoon Hearts Jigsaw Puzzle
012 Cartoon Ice Cream Jigsaw Puzzle
013 Funny Wedding Vows Jigsaw Puzzle
014 Cartoon Fairies Jigsaw Puzzle
015 Koala Baby Jigsaw Puzzle
016 Abrahamster Positive Quotes Jigsaw
017 Daffodil Watercolor Art Jigsaw
018 Cartoon Students Jigsaw Puzzle
019 Snorkeling Cartoon Jigsaw Puzzle
020 Cartoon Dogs Jigsaw Puzzle
021 Blue Cartoon Giraffes Jigsaw Puzzle
022 Cartoon Birds Happy Birthday Jigsaw
023 Cartoon Whale Happy Birthday Jigsaw
024 Cartoon Whale Jigsaw Puzzle
025 Big Cartoon Smile Jigsaw Puzzle
026 Cartoon Rabbit Lettuce Jigsaw Puzzle
027 Butterflies & Bunnies Jigsaw  Puzzle
028 Cartoon Birds Winter Jigsaw Puzzle
029 Cartoon Students Classroom Jigsaw
030 Cartoon Lion, Frog, Tree of Life Jigsaw
031 Peony Watercolor Art Jigsaw Puzzle
032 Success Cartoon Tree Jigsaw Puzzle
033 Cartoon Turkeys Jigsaw Puzzle

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Peony Watercolor Art Palette Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles 031:

Fine Art Floral Watercolor Painting with reference color mixing chart off to the side.

Lose yourself in the flower petal patterns of this unfurling gorgeous peony bloom watercolor.  The funny squirrel (line drawing), wearing the artsy beret, holding a brush, is to get the mood a little nutty.  The  watercolors used to make several shades of gray are Winsor and Newton's Rose Madder Genuine (top pink), Da Vinci's Cobalt Blue,  and Daniel Smith's Aureolin Yellow. (I love all three suppliers of quality paints.)  

Making grays from these three transparent watercolors is a fun experiment in subtle variations of warm and cool shadows.
The best example I have seen of this is from Jeanne Dobie's book "Making Color Sing".  In chapter two, she has wonderful examples of mixing luminous grays with these three transparent watercolors.  You begin by trying to mix a gray that is just as close to neutral equal mixes of the three colors.  Then you add just a touch of each other color to this neutral, to make a green gray, a blue gray, a yellow gray, a pink (brown) gray, a purple gray and an orange gray. 

The surprise came after, when you took the compliment color in it's pure form and painted it adjacent to that gray.  The color just popped out.  So the orange peach colors of my flower petals are off set with blue and purple grays. 


Jeanne Dobie
Making Color Sing
Exciting watercolor painting color mixing and composition techniques.  

Send this peony flower jigsaw puzzle to a friend as a jiggy free ecard.

Here is blooming peony watercolor free online jigsaw puzzles game 031 to play.
If you would like to vary the CUT OF THE PUZZLE click on the
shapes button, you can alter the cut-out jiggy shapes and change the difficulty of the puzzle to give yourself more of a challenge.  Some of the cuts (shapes) are incredible!  Very fun crazy ones.  Some really hard! There is a built in timer if you want to test yourself (and or if you happen to also be cooking eggs) When you move the pieces with your mouse, listen for the CLICK as you release and you will hear when the piece locks into place.  The timer starts when you click on a game.  Have funSet your mind free!    (give it a few seconds to load) 



Chart of different puzzle cuts- shapes and number of puzzle pieces.


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