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Creatures in WATER
Flying Cartoons in the SKY
Positive Thinking BEYOND


001 Cartoon Tree Nature Jigsaw Puzzle
002 Abrahamster "feel goo" Jigsaw
003 Blue Poppies Watercolor Jigsaw
004 Cartoon Stress Chinchilla Puzzle
005 Cartoon Fish Jigsaw Puzzle
006 Cartoon Exercise Chinchillas Jigsaw
007 Cartoon Cats Jigsaw Puzzle
008 Abrahamster Yuma Jigsaw Puzzle
009 Funny Cute Rabbits Jigsaw Puzzle
010 Cute Chinchillas Jigsaw Puzzle
011 Cartoon Hearts Jigsaw Puzzle
012 Cartoon Ice Cream Jigsaw Puzzle
013 Funny Wedding Vows Jigsaw Puzzle
014 Cartoon Fairies Jigsaw Puzzle
015 Koala Baby Jigsaw Puzzle
016 Abrahamster Positive Quotes Jigsaw
017 Daffodil Watercolor Art Jigsaw
018 Cartoon Students Jigsaw Puzzle
019 Snorkeling Cartoon Jigsaw Puzzle
020 Cartoon Dogs Jigsaw Puzzle
021 Blue Cartoon Giraffes Jigsaw Puzzle
022 Cartoon Birds Happy Birthday Jigsaw
023 Cartoon Whale Happy Birthday Jigsaw
024 Cartoon Whale Jigsaw Puzzle
025 Big Cartoon Smile Jigsaw Puzzle
026 Cartoon Rabbit Lettuce Jigsaw
027 Butterflies & Bunnies Jigsaw Puzzle
028 Cartoon Birds Winter Jigsaw Puzzle
029 Cartoon Students Classroom Jigsaw
030 Cartoon Lion, Frog, Tree of Life Jigsaw 
031 Peony Watercolor Art Jigsaw Puzzle
032 Success Cartoon Tree Jigsaw Puzzle
033 Cartoon Turkeys Jigsaw Puzzle

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Free Jigsaw Puzzles - Send E Cards Free Funny  Page 2

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More original cartoon animals and fine art as free online jigsaw puzzles of nature, animals, flowers, birthdays, and holidays.

Most cartoons have cute funny sayings, short puns, and even silly pun poems.  Solve and play puzzles then send some funny free e cards by email as jigsaw puzzles to your jiggy friends.

animal cute funny picture of cute giraffe cartoons

021 To play this jigsaw puzzle of cute giraffe cartoons in blue star light
Send blue giraffes puzzle as a jiggy
free ecard greeting

Giraffes can almost touch the stars.  I overheard them talking for a long time.  They only sleep for 2 hours per day, so they pass the time with long conversations. Do you know why the giraffe has a long neck? 

animal cute funny picture of happy birthday cartoon birds in birdhouse

022 To play free birthday jigsaw puzzles of cartoon birds in birdhouse "Happy Birday"
Send as
free happy birthday ecards

Seeds the day and say Happy Birday with this funny free birthday jigsaw puzzles greeting e cards. You can see 'big things are happening!' I think one sunflower seed can last them a month at this size. Includes several ideas of words for birthday wish and a happy birthday poem.

animal cute funny picutre of cartoon whale and baby Happy Birthday Best Whooshes

023 To play free birthday jigsaw puzzles of cartoon whales
Send as
free happy birthday ecards of mother and baby whales

Ride the wave of whale-being with this "tons of fun" happy birthday puzzle of cartoon gray whale mother and baby swimming.  There are more cute funny sayings to use for wishes to send to your friends who like to think big.


animal cute funny picture whale cartoon

024  To play this jigsaw puzzle of cartoon gray whale and baby "Best Whooshes for tons of fun"  Also some fun and interesting gray whale facts.
Send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle of mother and baby whales

Send a friend an ocean of emotion, ....if you get the notion.... it's a powerful potion...  of whalish devotion... by e-mail motion.  Oh whale, so I over-rhymed a bit, whales make me happy and it just happens.

cartoon of people laughing

025 To play this people laughing cartoon faces jigsaw puzzle happily ever laughter
Send as a jiggy
free ecard puzzle of laughter with rainbow smiles

Happily ever laughter is what this cartoon says.  This giant rainbow smile filled with people laughing, cartoon faces being happy,... its a little contagious.  A whole lot of happy going on here. Something was very funny. There is also a poem here entitle: It's No laughing Matter and two cartoons.

animal cute funny picture of iceberg lettuce with rabbit cartoon

026  To play this cartoon rabbit with lettuce jigsaw puzzle
Send cartoon rabbit puzzle as a jiggy
free ecard greeting

This is cartoon rabbit philosophy in its highest form.  It sets the tone for a lettuce entertain you approach.  These tips from the tip of this cartoon iceberg lettuce head are beyond your regular wisdom.

butterflies and bunnies puzzle e greeting cartoon

027  To play this butterflies and  bunnies jigsaw puzzle
Send cartoon bunnies and butterflies puzzle as a jiggy
free ecard greeting

Butterflies are smiling and waving and they are giant.  Ten romping cartoon rabbits are dancing and being funny all around the butterflies.  The background is a bright lime green because they feel subLIME.


cartoon birds in cute hats and booties warm wishes

028  To play this jigsaw puzzle of cartoon birds in hats and boots
Send as a jiggy free ecard puzzle with warm wishes from cartoon birds

It's a parade of cute cartoon birds hopping and being flighty as they happily show off their boots and hats holding up a sign that says "warm wishes". Perfect for the winter holidays, makes for a cute free christmas ecard to send

cartoon girl in front of classroom

029  To play this jigsaw puzzle of cartoon students in classroom
Send cartoon students puzzle as a jiggy free ecard greeting

Here's a group of cartoon students in a classroom watching a funny cartoon girl giving an oral report on pickles.(It's her mid-term project).  You can see that all the other students are quite enthralled.  Who wouldn't be interested when it's about pickles?

cartoon lion with cartoon frog and tree of life made with animal collage

030 To play this jigsaw puzzle of cartoon lion, cute blue frog and tree of life
Send cartoon tree of life puzzle as a jiggy free ecard greeting

The owl say "Its our favorite tree".  The lion says, " The tree of life", the blue frog says "the love tree"  The tree is a collage of all sorts of animal pictures put together in the shape of the tree.

watercolor peony in process with cartoon squirrel

031  To play this jigsaw puzzle of a watercolor peony painting in the process
Send peony puzzle as a jiggy
free ecard greeting

Sometimes the process is more important than the result says this cartoon squirrel at the bottom of this peony watercolor painting.  He wants you to paint feeling oogachucka delight.  That's why he's there.

surprise you cartoon tree with cartoon girl

032 To play this jigsaw puzzle of surprise cartoon tree
Send surprise you cartoon tree with googly eyes puzzle as a jiggy
free ecard greeting.

This puzzle says surprise you because this cute cartoon girl is leaping, jumping, higher than ever expected, she is almost flying up to the tree top.  See how the owl is amazed and both the tree and the hidden creature in the tree are awed by the leap.  It's great when you surprise yourself with what you can successfully accomplish..

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cartoon turkeys

033 To play this funny cartoon turkey jigsaw puzzle
Send this turkey puzzle as a jiggy free ecard greeting

These five fun cartoon turkeys are wiggling their wattles and doing the dance of turkey thanks for Thanksgiving.  They are gobbling to each other about their wattles, saying things like 'how's it hangin'?' 

cartoon kitten and hearts holding cute cartoon photo of cat

Want to send a really cute S I N G I N G kitten ecard
This is my favorite on all the web! I love it, it makes me laugh every time.
It's free to look at, but costs yearly to become a member and send cards. There is a
2 week free trial. Its a fun romp looking at all the great cards.

Free Talking ECards ( get the CardFountain desktop icon & button ) 

MORE E CARDS? .... for the whole enchilada universe of e-cards: regular, cartoon, singing, dancing, talking, here's the link to the entire ecard directory.

Other fun links to cartoons, movies, games on my Lynx Page!

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