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Happy New Year Clipart – Free Clip Art with Word Play, Puns, & Rhymes


Celebrate the new year with some funny happy new year clipart.  cartoon bird haPEEP new year
The free clip art includes whimsical images of cows, for Happy Moo Year, as well as newts for Happy Newt Year.
Many of the new year images have added delight using puns, rhyme, and word play.

There are cartoon chipmunks toasting with bubbly nut juice, kangaroos for Happy Roo Year, and noodles for Happy Noodle Year.
Take a look at the cute kids of Happy New Rears, animals with mismatching ears for Happy New Ears, and two funny gnus for Happy Gnu Year.
And let's not forget the cartoon bird saying  HaPEEP New Year!
This selection of cartoon new years clipart is free for you to use for noncommercial purposes.  Please read the copy guidelines and link back.  Thank You.
cartoon happy new year chipmunks with nuts clip art

Happy New Year!  Two cartoon chipmunks wearing party hats are toasting their bubbly nut juice to the coming new year.  Leaning on a giant walnut,one cute chipmunk is waving, while the other is with an almond and hazelnut.

Cute cartoon cows Happy Moo Year Clipart

Happy Moo Year!  The cows came home... to wish you a happy Moo year.  These bovine beauties are udder-ly delighted after having been chosen for the cover of Cows Illustrated Magazine. Wish them luck and invoke the dairy fairy. They are smiling and saying cheese.

two cartoon newts Happy Newt Year Clip Art

Happy Newt Year! Be like a cute newt!  These two cartoon clipart lizards are a rocking and dancing to bring in the newt year.  One newt is making a toast with his champagne ...flute. He is drinking bug bubbly. Filled with the joy and bugs of the season and wearing funny hats, they are celebrating in style.

Cartoon Kangaroos Happy Roo Year Clip Art

Happy Roo Year! Cute and bouncy kangaroo cartoons (kangaroons) from down under are celebrating the happy new year with wild horn-tooting abandon.  The baby kangaroo (a joey) has that wise all-knowing look in his eyes.  Kids are like that. He can barely stay in his pouch, he's so eager for the new year. "Oh what will happen next year?  It's like a cliff hanger".

Happy New Ears funny new years cartoon clipart

It's Happy New Ears, so listen up for fresh new sounds to be heard in the coming year.  This cartoon lion with rabbit ears is now able to hear the carrots whisper.  The bunny with new elephant ears can hear a peanut crack 2 miles away.  The cute cartoon girl can now hear new jungle sounds. With her new lion ears she can find her friends when they  hide in the bushes.  The cartoon elephant, well, she just can't wait to get her ears pierced and keeps looking in the mirror at how cute they look. 


cute cartoon image of babies behinds happy new rears clipart

Happy New Rears! Seven cute cartoon babies looking into the heavens (cause it rhymes with sevens). There are blue skies ahead for a happy new year:  No ifs, ands, or butts!  We all looked like these cartoon kids at one time.  So take your cute dimples and celebrate your new rear and remember it's never too late to have a happy childhood.  

Download Instructs for clipart

Cute clip art to download instructions:
To download:  Right click on the picture till you see "Save Picture As..." or "Save image as..." and then left click that to save to your computer hard disc.

Happy Gnu Year cartoon gnus clipart

Happy Gnu Year!  These funny cartoon gnus are filled with good gnews for the future.  They are cutely munching their grass clipart clippings in their martini glasses with that wild wildebeest look in their eyes.They are tapping their hoofs in a line dance number called the hoof stock stampede ballet.  (They have perfect rhythm.)  The judge for the annual gnu year dance competition is usually a gnome named Gnancy. (gnot in picture).

cute cartoon happy noodle year soup clipart

Happy Noodle Year!  Yes, it will be the year of using your noodle.  The cartoon soup can will soon be dancing the cancan because he wants you to know that you can Can use your noodle wisely.  The cartoon noodles have party hats on their noodle heads, and the cute spoon thinks it's just all Souper dooper!   New Year celebrations don't get any bigger than what's going on in this picture.  Celebrating with soup can alter the space-time continuum dramatically.

cartoon bear at xerox copy machinecartoon cat making copies at xerox copier Lillyarts logopermission to copy guidelines



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