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AbraRam Is On Another Rampage of Appreciation!
Positive affirmations inspired by
Abraham Hicks.

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Who is the prince of positive, the king of compliments, the afficianado of affirmation?
Who lives for the zest that applause, approval, adoring, and appreciating brings? 
Who loves to loooooove?  Who relishes admiring? 
Who thrills at his connection with his inner ram?  AbraRam!



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AbraRAM logo art
Rampages logo art


Abraham Hicks inspired AbraRam cartoon of rampages of appreciation


Meet AbraRAM the cute cartoon ram who is always expressing his attitude of gratitude with wild and rambunctious zesty rampages of appreciation.

He is appreciative of everything in his sight!  He looks for positive affirmations all day.  He's always on another rampage of how great and neat and wonderful and good something is.
Today he is grateful for grass and hills and ewes and clover and valleys and cliffs to climb and bunnies and prairie dogs and rocks and birds with blue feathers. He's so happy from all this appreciation he is smooching on the rock and singing "I found my thrill on Abraham Hill"  The local prairie dogs find this lively entertainment. AbraRam is 5000 years old.  He looks young. Appreciation does that.

Thank ewe!  AbraRam the rampaging ram waving see ya and thank ewe!

Thank Ewe
for Being Ewe!

Abraham Hicks inspired  AbraRam animation cartoon JOY reads: "it's great to appreciate"  positive upliftment

Got the gratitude attitude?
In this animated AbraRam animation, he is expressing his favorite sentiment:  It's great to appreciate!

Cartoon Abraram holding red banner that says Think and Feeeeeeeel!!

Think and feeeeeeeeeeeeeel!!!

(When you get feeling so happy, you draw really goofy stuff like this. It just happens)

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*Warning: This rampaging of appreciation is habit forming.  The joy of self empowerment has been found to have the strongest addictive potential on the planet. A recent study by the Appreciology Assessment Association in Washinton DC has just recently released their findings. It's conclusive:  Everybody always wants more of this euphoria from positive affirmations.
Also, taken from their research archives, are a few testimonials found recorded in  historical journals just recently uncovered at archeological sites:  .

  • "I find I rampage more and more often and it is better than sex"...Casanova
  • "Imaginative appreciation is more powerful than knowledge, and ooo it feels so good!"...Albert Einstein
  • "Ah what light from yonder window rampageth?: To appreciate or not to appreciate, that is the question!"...Shakespeare
  • "When I rampage in my journal about what I love, then I have big bliss to follow"...Joseph Campbell
  • A new rosetta stone has been discovered, called aptly, the Mosetta stone.  It is the 3rd tablet from Moses that reads "Thou shalt partake in rampages of apprecia" (the tip was broken off, but I think that is adequate, don't you?)


AbraRam  JOURNALS! click the link for more information

Want a positive affirmation book to write in?  Rampage your appreciations with either words or pictures into these handy spiral bound 8 inch by 5 inch ram PAGES.
These blank journals are eager for your thoughts and visions, but ANY blank notebook will also work. 

Or write on napkins, or your arm, or out on the prairie dog hill like AbraRam likes to.

Appreciation is magic.  Writing down positive affirmations into a book (for focus) while looking for the positive aspects in your life will surprise you with wonders happening... but the best part is how good it feels in the process.

Positive Affirmation Journal with cartoon Abraram inspired by Abraham Hicks
Positive Affirmation Book with cartoon Abraram inspired by Abraham Hicks


Thank Ewe!

More cute ram gifts:

AbraRam Joy Rampage of Appreciation Blank Journal as gift idea.

AbraRam Thank Ewe Rampage of Appreciation Blank Journal as gift idea.

Guess what time it is?

AbraRam is ready for a joyous rampage of appreciation on each page in this book for creating (attracting) an attractive reality that you want.. Applaud, admire, adore, approve, appreciate, and focus on the positives and let law of attraction make them grow until they surround you.

Appreciation and gratitude and feeling thanks are powerful connectors to your inner ram (or inner hamster, or whatever ewe are) source energy.  You can tell if you are raising your vibration by how you feel. AbraRam wants to thank ewe for wanting to feel good and thinking on purpose.

Abraram cartoon ram clock reads emotional time: Joy, Fun, Happy o'clock

Care to Play a little Hangman Game?: Here is another famous rampaging appreciator from the history books.  Can you guess who the author of the mystery rampage below right is?  He a great nature lover.
Use the hangman clue letters.  Click Answer when you think you know.

Cartoon Mystery creature with bag on head holding pencil  playing hang man: Mystery Rampage, Can you guess who said it?  Game In paper is written :This grand show is eternal, It is always sunrise somewhere, The dew is never all dried at once, A shower is forever falling, Vapor ever rising, Eternal sunrise, Eternal sunset, Eternal dawn and dusk, On seas, and continents and islands Each in its turn, As the round Earth Rolls. Nature inspiration

click for Answer

Finally! A clock to really let you know what time it is. Abraram Joy Clock Gift.

AbraRam says it's either time for fun, happy, laugh,dance, sing, funny, good, great, lovely, wow, knock your socks off, and of course, JOY.

inspiring t-shirt with original art of watercolor sun with word joy
AbraRam Joy on t-shirt cute ram saying "Do Ewe Rampage?"

Watercolor sun JOY design on a long sleeve tee shirt

Wear AbraRam Joy on a beige ringer t shirt. Become walking cartoon ram inspiration.

tile box with original art of cute ram AbraRam


AbraRam Joy cartoon ram on a wooden tile box saying Do ewe rampage?  Well, do ewe? It's the question happening at all the cocktail parties these days.




Answer:  John Muir

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