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free teacher clip art cartoon banana keep your eyes peeled

Free Fruit Clipart - Pictures of fruits - with Word Play.

Feeling Fruity?  Here's some free fruit clipart to use when you are feeling fresh. There must be some value in these whimsical pictures of fruit with cute funny sayings...because, afterall, they do come out of my mind.  I've often wondered if the fruit are trying to speak through me since they have no mouths.  All the fruit I meet are playful and have a fruity fondness for rhymes and puns and ridiculously silly play on words.  I think that may be how the term fruitcake came about. 


 It seems that all the fruit want to do is goof off, be dorky and corny (oh no, that's the vegetable...)  Well, cartoon fruit have their own sense of humor and like fine wine, it's quite fruity.

Use this page as a mental fruit cocktail to dress up your fruit food group reports.
This page of free fruit clipart contains a cartoon orange, cartoon banana, cartoon berry, cartoon blueberry and more playful drawings of cartoon fruit .
This free fruit clipart is for personal use or for teachers (see guidelines below). 

To me, these are cartoon fruits with a very silly flavor that always makes me smile. So instead of food for thought, they are fruit for smile.  I hope they 'bear fruit' by bringing a grin or giggle to you or your fruit loopy friends.

Cute clipart, Fruit clipart...

free clipart of cartoon fruit orange banana raspberry with cute funny sayings

Here, wearing blue tennis shoes is a cute cartoon orange talking with a cartoon banana with a bandana.

"Hi there Mr. Banana Bandana", says the cute orange.  "Hello tangelo, I'm a yellow fellow and I love jello!", says the banana.  (So here we come to underestand this is a tangelo, not an orange) 

A cute red raspberry cartoon says "Ha banana! You're so a-peel-ing!" 

This is how fruit talk to each other.  They are a lively bunch. The blue bandana on the banana is especially festive.

Speaking of a lively assortment of fruity fellows, here are some cartoon fruit drawings that really liven any party.

Firstly is a red cartoon apple sitting on some pine.  Next to apple is a cartoon pineapple doing the hula in a stylish number of a grass skirt. 

Top right is a cartoon mango dancing the tango with a rose in her teeth and a look in her saucy eyes. 

Below on the left is cartoon pear; Peary Como singing "Catch a Falling Star" 

...and finally we have cartoon plums: Five plump plums playing with a plunger.  Of course, that's what all plump plums like to do when they are off.

Cute funny sayings by cartoon fruits apple pineapple mango pear plums

These cartoon pictures are of three very famous cartoon berries.  There is Berry Manilow, Chuck Berry, and Huckleberry Finn.  Do you think Berry Manilow is singing Feelings?  He is a cartoon boysenberry.  Chuck Berry is a cartoon blackberry.  And Huckleberry is a cartoon golden raspberry which is all wrong cause a Huckleberry is in the blueberry family and it doesn't even look like this. This is called artistic license. Just don't let the berry council hear about this.


free teacher clip art funny fruit peach giraffe nectarines bug hummingbird silly

In this cartoon, two fuzzy cartoon peaches are talking with a cute cartoon bug.  Here's what they are saying:  "You're such a peach" "Did you ever neck with a nectarine?" "Nice fuzz".  Nearby is a cartoon giraffe with two small cartoon nectarines on his neck.  The giraffe says "Did I hear neck?"  A passing cartoon hummingbird says "Did I hear nectar?"  This is about as silly as a cartoon can get.


free art clips to download cartoon fruit kumquat and apricot

Here we have two cartoon fruits (cartoon apricot and cartoon kumquat).  Well Mr. Apricot and Ms. Kumquat are on their yacht sailing to the south pacific via Hawaii.  Do you know the name of their yacht?  It is called Fruitcake.  At port, the harbor master calls to them "Ahoy Fruitcake"  It's all very nautical.

Meet the cartoon cherries also know as the cheery cherries.  There is Charlie, Charo, and Cher.  Charo is saying Kootchy Kootchi.  Cher is singing I got you babe.  They are very full of cheer these cherries.  You can tell by their eyes.

cartoon mellons honeydew cantalope as gently idiotic silly cartoons
cartoon cherries free art clips to download with cute funny sayings

This cartoon honeydew melon is talking to her cartoon cantalope.  She is trying to let him down easy.  She is saying "Oh honey, I can't dew it!  I can't elope with you!  I love Crenshaw".  Ah, fruity love triangles, what can one do?

Here at the academy fruit awards, the cartoon passion fruit is the winner.  He is giving his acceptance speech.  In the spotlight with the microphone, he is saying first I'd like to thank my tree and my branch and my leaves, and the sunshine and the rain and the fertile earth and those wonderful earthworms.  He is definitely on a rampage of thanks and appreciation.  I am so glad he won, his performance was so ....passionate.

cartoon passion fruit at the academy fruit awards  saying thank you
cartoon orange free clipart saying orange you glad
cute cartoon blueberry fairy free clip art to download silly art

Here we have two cartoon blueberrries. One, of course is the blueberry fairy. (The one with the wings holding the magic wand)  And the other is the black and blueberry.

This cartoon orange with the lovely toothy grin is sporting her blue rhinestone glasses.  She is saying "orange you glad?"

cute clip art to download instructions

The Lemon Dudes Video:  When life gives you lemons, make some lemon dudes?!  Heres the step by step of how a lemon dude gets made. But the dude is born from a certain mood. The lemon dude mood. It's a certain attitude with gratitude misconstrued onto food when a mind comes a little unglued and a whole lot of coffees been brewed. Its trued.

Watch the cute lemon faces become.


Cute clip art to download instructions:
To download:  Right click on the picture till you see "Save Picture As..." or "Save image as..." and then left click that to save to your computer hard disc.

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Funny Fruit Books that inspire and delight:

If you are looking to be amazed, to laugh out loud, to feel delight, and to see the fruit world in a playful new light, you have got to see what's being created in these books.  I love them.  I think they are wonderfully imaginative and they inspire me to new heights of silly.  Joost Elffers and Saxton Freymann are the magic behind these books.  I thank them for the fun everytime I re-look at the clever whimsy in the beautiful designs.  Finding a new way of looking at the same world is what creativity is all about.  It's an art for happy living. 

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