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Month of May Clipart -  Cartoon Bugs - Funny Sayings


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If you are looking for some silly May word play and cartoons for the Month of May, below you'll find a bunch of cute cartoon bugs to satisfy any May-jor Month of May clipart need you may have. They may drive you buggy but they may not.  It's the big Maybe of Life.  We will all just mayke the best of it.  Lots of puns and word play!


cartoon bug says we're may-bees

Mother May I ...please have some May clip art? I know you have heard of June bugs, but these are May bugs. May bugs are cwazy with the fresh spring fever of zesty bug joy. As wise Edith says, are you catching the joyous bug? 

Common knowledge is that every bug during the month of May will play.  And, they are aMayzing because they are Mayke Believe Mayniacs which means the possibilities are endless for May play Maykings. Am I Mayking myself clear?

cartoon bug saying I'm a may-niac
month of May clipart saying may dad - may play- it's amayzing - mayonaise says its a-mayo-naissing
cartoon maize corn says I'm mayz in a mayze
Mayor of May cartoon bug funny
cartoon clip art cut bug maypole north pole joke
cute maple leaf saying I'm a may-ple leaf
cute cartoon bugs clip art month of may May-be, May-l, Fe-May-le
cute bug saying I got E-Mayl
insect clipart cute bug May-tre'D waiter in restaurant maitre'D

If you don't get images on your computer, I'll transcribe here what this month of May clipart of the joyous cartoon bugs are saying:

We're Maybee's.  May Day!  May Play! It's aMayzing!  (Of course, the jar of Mayonnaise has to say, It's aMayonnaising!)  That's how you spread the word.

I'm Mayz in a Mayze says the maize in a maze.  Is this getting redumbdant?  If so, I will continue with singing this goofball song.

Next mayking their appearance is the May Pole and a lost elf bug looking for the North Pole.

"I'm a Mayple leaf", says the colorful changing maple leaf.  Did you know that leaves have feet?  They walk a lot on autumn nights after they fall. Don't beleaf me? 


Maybel, is the Mayl here?  Is the feMayle here?  I got E-Mayl.  (Oh don't forget Peter Mayle, the author!) 




Then we have a cute Maytre'D bug, A May fly, a cartoon bug in blue reading the procliMaytion.  An animated wild dancing bug that shouts "AniMAYtion" who is followed by a funny silly joy bug shouting May Yay in excliMAYtion!

funny may fly cartoon bug
cute blue bug reading scroll says procli-May-tion proclimation
dancing toothy smile cartoon bug saying ani-May-tion joke


cartoon bug excited says excli-may-tion may yay exclimation

Finally, we have the the serious and focused sophisticated bugs.  (Blue bugs just ooze sophistication). 

Here are the collossal words of wisdom they express:

"May is Mayjor!  May is the Mayne month!  Jolly Good Maytey!"  That last is sailor talk or pirate talk or seamanship lingo.  (Can you believe how this page is jam packed with such vital information?)  It will also really help your spelling.

Next is the green high-heeled bug fairy, wand in hand, saying "Mayke Believe." (She also moonlights as the Mother's Day Fairy on weekends.)

Next is a Mayke Up Bug putting on make-up.  She is just lovely.  Her lips are like luscious cherry lifesavors.  And lastly there is the Maynard G. Krebs bug straight from Gilligans Isle, whoops, I mean Dobie Gillis. He's looking for the skipper or Mary Ann.  I am beginning to realize that there are some funny things I've accumulated in my mind.  "Gee, you think?!", my husband would say making that face..

month of may green insect says utter mayhem

"This is utter Mayhem", says the winged caterpillar red nosed buglet. (This is a very wise insect)


Memorial day cartoon bugs

In the month of May, there are two May holidays: Mother's Day and Memorial Day.  This Memorial Day cartoon is to remind certain of us that it is not a day to celebrate our memory.  (In case that's what you were thinking.  These two cartoon bugs are MAYking that crystal clear in this comic.

cartoon bear at xerox copy machinecartoon cat making copies at xerox copier Lillyarts logopermission to copy guidelines

Speaking of May and Mother's Day... if you are looking for a way to express your felines of appreciation for mom, here's some gifts for her that are the cat's pajamas... literalilly.  (this is not clip art... these are the Mother's Day Gifts CATagory)

Mother's Day cartoon cat gifts


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