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Purchase my art on personalized gifts at my gift shops.

Cute Cartoon Fish Pictures and Tropical Fish Stickers with funny fish names

Make everything fishy!  Enjoy cartoon fish pictures on personalized gifts.

Colorful tropical fish stickers bring an ocean of fishy devotion... it's a powerful potion... of happy wet emotion!

Hi, I'm Kooki Sweetlips Calazoo, Smoocher of the Year 2005. Interplanetary Oceanic Kelp Council

Kookii Calazoo is a Many spotted sweetlips

Hi, I'm Jimbo Durante, Ink a dinka dooozi Singer, winner of Galactic Grunion Grammy!

Jimbo Durante is a
Long nose butterfly fish

Hello, I am Monty Fizzifinfun, I was voted honorary humpback whale by the Whale Awards Planetary Supposium of 2004!

Monty Fizzifinfun is a Clown triggerfish

Hi, I'm Elvis Algaemouth.  Need I say more?

Elvis Algaemouth is a Christmas wrasse

Hi, I'm Casper Pipealong Cassidy.  I 'm a ghost pipefish and I'm so  splashy, I scare myself

Casper Pipealong Cassidy is a Halimeda Ghost pipefish

I LOVE snorkeling out in coral reefs and meeting tropical fishes.   But back on land, these cartoon fish pictures remind me of those fun fish friends I met while out swimming in their undersea world.

Cartoon fish stickers help me remember how colorful and funny they were. Cartoon memories are the next best thing to being underwater with them.  I originally painted pictures of these tropical fish as rice paper watercolor greeting cards and they all swam away as gifts to meet new people friends.  Now the same fish designs are available on transparent cute cartoon fish stickers. (See below.) I love thinking how people are like fish.... In all their brilliant multitudinous variety!...Each unique and with colorful personalities....  Each swimming to their own destinations....  Some in schools. 
Meet some cute famous fish:

Cute cartoon fish illustration saying Hi Welcome to Famous Fish! My fish friends were awarded the " 2013 Best dressed planetary fish awards" by the Transgalactic Oceanic Council of Wet Universes.! So now available for an unlimited time, our Famous Fish Faces & Fins have been immortalized on these fab fun fish stickers!


Hi, I'm Kelpy McGillis, I'm Ofish-al Snorkel Diva for Malibu Mimi

These fish love to be named! Drop me a line of your cute or clever, silly and funny fish names! I'll illustrate more fish.  I love fish names!: Sashimi Mimi, Pierre Poisson, Antonio Ceviche,Wrasseputin, Jack Blenny, Poncho Pescador, Ronald McClownfish, Popcorn Fishstick, Smelly Nelly, Moist Mo, Ishy LaRue, Carol Caviar, Mario Marisco, Sue Sashimi,  Angie Algaemouth,  Pices McFishfish , Flishy Wetnose, Splishy Hula, Malibu Millymouth, Babe Babelfish, Betsy Wetsy, Fishoogana,...

Kelpy McGillis is a
 Ribbon Sweetlips

Hi, I'm Bozo Cirque de Sole Clownfish - I know Ronald McClownfish.

Bozo Cirque de Sole is a Clown anemone fish

Hi, I'm Frank Fourfins Finelli.  You just krill me!

Frank Fourfins Finelli is a Lagoon triggerfish

Puzzle Game:


Cute cartoon tropical fish picture with turtle for jigsaw puzzle

Click Here to PLAY
My Fun Fish Puzzle GAME

60 cartoon fish for sale as tropical fish stickers

60  Original Art Beautiful Cartoon

*NEW cartoon fish personalized gifts on bottom of this page

Hi, I'm Dawn Ho, Iead guitar, Planktonics, I wrote Teensy Bubbles.

Dawn Ho
 is a Lagoon triggerfish

Hi, I'm Claude Cod, Oh my Cod, I'm seeing spots!  When I grow up, my spots dissappear.

Claude Cod is a Barramundi Cod

Hi, I'm Flippy Spicecakes, winner of  Miss Coral Sea  2006.

Flippy Spicecakes is
 A mysterious boxfish

Hi, I'm Stripes Sniffysnap III, I was in Finding Nemo as a stunt double for fin takes.

Stripes Sniffysnap III is a Striped longnose butterflyfish

Hi, I'm  Italina Chismasina, I'm a wrasse with sass.

Italina Chrismasina is a Bird Wrasse

Hi, I'm Rainbowza Ripefini. Wanna wrassel for some algae?

Rainbowza Ripefini is a Rainbow wrasse

Hi, I'm Larry Lanaiberry.  Rupert Mermaidock is my fun pal.

Larry Lanaiberry is a
Lagoon triggerfish

Hi, I'm Giles Grouperoni, I'm a groupi, but I never go to schools!

Giles Grooperoni is a Grouper

Squidoo logo animation with winking smiling eyeball

More funny fish puns

The above 60 tropical fish art designs come ready to print as high resolution 300 dpi vibrant crisp images. I use an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of Avery transparent peel-off labels to make cartoon fish stickers in brilliant colors. Below are some fun ideas of how to use them!  They are great for scrapbooking, making notes or thank-you cards, adding to stationary, sticking on notebooks and envelopes, putting in journals, or as markers on calendars.  For the classroom, this could be a fun discovery/ identification project to find out what kinds of fish these are, and then, my favorite:  MAKE UP FUN FISH NAMES for them!!

(A note:  The image above is fuzzy and at a much lower resolution for web display.  The file of images you will purchase are crystal sharp, clear, and vibrant.)

Here's some fun example ideas on how to use the cute cartoon fish stickers...on notecards, greeting cards, stationary and scrapbooking.  Picture says:  Something's fishy, I fish you, best fishes.

Download a PDF (Pretty Delightful Fishies) File Now     $3.95
Buy it now button
You will receive a 2 MB high resolution 8 1/2" x 11" PDF file (300dpi) you can print out on your printer as often as you like.

I recommend you use Regular Avery (5160) Clear or White ADDRESS LABELS 30 (1"x2 5/8")per sheet.  You will have 2 fishes per label.  I prefer them on the clear labels so you don't see any edges.  (But you can cut the edges easily enough) These bright fishy stickers really dress up any project!  Have fun.


Acceptance Mark

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More Cartoon Fish as Personalized Gifts:

Personalized Cartoon Fish T Shirts

Imaginocean Two Sided Cartoon Fish shirt 

New fish are spawning that you can edit and change, offer your own funny saying, slogan, or best friend's name or gag idea to make your own personalized gifts.

Personalized baby gifts, Cute Onesies with funny fish designs:  
These cute fish pictures can be fully customized.  Upload a photo of your child to put into the picture diving with the fish to replace the bunny rabbit cartoon in the small diving submersible.(3rd cartoon from the left)  Perfect to make some funny unique baby gifts, a creative baby shower gift, or for toddlers birthday parties too.  A few funny sayings already on the fish onesies include: "Whim to Swim", "Go Fish", "Salt and Pooper Fish", "Dive got to go poop", "I lilke to get wet", "Oh Buoyant",  "Splish Splash", "I'm a Keeper", "Scuba Duba Doo", "I'm Moistly Cute", "Fish Upon A Star",  and more... ideas of sayings to go with fish. You can also switch these designs onto infant and toddler t shirts. (Or children and youths clothing) 

Cartoon Fish Personalized Baby Onesies  

Funny Sayings with cartoon fish on T Shirts you can customize. 
Here are 4 sample cartoon fish designs.  Currently the sayings read: FlatulenSEA "Don't Burst My Bubble"  These t shirts are completely customizable and while the designs are on dark shirts, you may choose from several colors, styles, adults, or kids,  for men, women, children's, toddlers, infants... From t shirts to sweatshirts to tank tops... There is quite a selection.  Change the text, add text, choose a different font or color. Get creative and use your imaginOCEAN!

Cartoon Fish Personalized T Shirts 

Cute Fish Personalized Labels -Round Fish Stickers you can customize to make fun gifts.  Add some WhimSEA of your own, make a FantaSEA Ocean potion of happy devOCEAN

cartoon fish codfather 


Then of course, there is the head of an organized brine family, "
The Codfather".  But watch out, He's a slippery fish in a suit that will make you an offer you can't refuse...

And if you are looking for a few other
cartoon sea life custom gifts such as a cute cartoon barnacle, funny krill (good will), cartoon crab, baby gray whale, there are a few personalized gift products in my Ocean Sea Life category

Cartoons Ocean Sea Life  

Cartoon  Fish Thank You Cards:  Say it with AppreciOCEAN and GratiTIDE. (OR COMPLETELY CHANGE THE TEXT to create your own sayings, greeting, invitation, announcement, or best fishes - fish upon a star wishes.) Colorful tropical fish art designs on custom notecards or greeting cards you can edit and personalize on three sides of the card.  Upload your photo, add pictures and text, change background colors.. Glossy thick paper of such wonderful quality.  Wonderful mini art pieces to frame.



Cartoon Fish Watercolor Art Gifts:

This cartoon long nosed butterfly fish just became very oFISHAL
He is now a design that is available on a a variety of fun gift items at my
cute cartoon fish online shops

cartoon fish on black t-shirt

"I'm oFISHAL" cartoon fish on black t-shirt and
fish pillow

cartoon fish blank journal notebook

"I'm oFISHAL" cartoon fish blank journal notebook


More Cartoon Fish Gifts by Lillyarts

...with special thanks to Previous Famous Fish Award Winners: 
Bloaty Matilda, Pices McFishfish, Sushi Wetbottom, and Bubbles Monroe.

Coral Sea Dreaming  

Coral Sea Dreaming is an incredible underwater DVD with exquisite scenes and mesmerizing music. It's the next best thing to being there swimming with them. I love these fishes and the octopus gives me neat chills every time I watch him. 



 E MAIL HERE  for permission to use any of these copyrighted images- THANK YOU!!!

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