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Cartoon Rabbits:  Gifts for Rabbit Lovers

Purchase cartoon rabbit prints by download or get cute bunny rabbit gift items with funny bunny sayings.

animated gif bunny rabbits cartoon easter egg emerge



Welcome to my cute bunny rabbit cartoon gallery.  I tell you, there is nothing like cartoon rabbits and coffee to start your day!  Looking at adorable rabbits and silly bunnies is like taking delight vitamins for my creative soul.

I began this watercolor series with pictures of rabbits while thinking about a play on words between abundance and abunnydance. 
Soon the bunnies were cute cartoon rabbit upsidedown  multiplying and dancing right from under my pencil drawings. I ended up with more bunny rabbit art than I expected. (An abunnydance of it) ... And the cartoon rabbits keep coming!
Because of my love for sweet furry creatures, I spend lots of time looking at cute pictures of rabbits on the web.  Then things begin to happen in my mind and pretty soon, well these cartoons just pop out. So, I welcome you to my Cartoon Rabbit Art Habit. Here everyday is Easter Bunny Day and the Easter Bunny moonlights as EVERYBUNNY possible. 

Cute bunny rabbit cartoon Art Prints for Sale
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Sold unframed. Who framed these rabbits?
You can frame them to make your own cute bunny rabbit art gallery.
(Just in case someone asks YOU:    " Show me the bunny!")

and Blank Notebook Bunny Rabbit Journals:
Cute and handy to write or draw in for when that rabbit inspiration hits you!

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Dancing Rabbits Poster- (Priced by size) From $9.99  For more info, click picture

cute dancing bunny rabbits poster print

C'mon Let's Dance Poster Print print

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C'mon, Let's Dance!: Personalize the text on this Dancing Rabbits - Poster Print - As a children's gift, for example, you could add your child's name and call it "Sally's Dancing Rabbits!" Available framed or unframed.  This poster will add some rhythm and fun to any room.  (*Music and dance lessons sold separately.)


(03) Moon Bunny Dance
Gifts for Rabbit Lovers

These funny cute cartoon rabbits are dancing on the moon. It's the Abunnydance Blue Moon Hip Hop

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(03) Watercolor Rabbit Print


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(05) Beach Ball
Gifts for Rabbit Lovers

 These cute cartoon rabbits are doing ear-crobatics at the beach.  They have incredible ear abilities that they are just tapping into.

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(05) Watercolor Rabbit Print


(07) Sur le Pont
Gifts for Rabbit Lovers

These 2 cute cartoon rabbits are dancing at the Pont du Gard bridge in France.  They have the music in their heads and they are always dancing in public for no reason.  Go figure. 

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(07) Watercolor Rabbit Print


(09) Double Dip
Gifts for Rabbit Lovers

 It's dusk and these rabbits are dancing all around the swimming pool.  He's dipping her elegantly.  In the background is another dancing funny bunny "dip". 

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(09) Watercolor Rabbit Print


(11)  Hip Hop Cloud Dancers
Gifts for Rabbit Lovers

These cute cartoon bunnies are dancing in the clouds.  At first I thought they were on cloud 9, but this is cloud ten.  What a pair.

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(11) Watercolor Rabbit Print


(13) Spotlight Dance
Gifts for Rabbit Lovers

These two dancing bunnies are doing their routine in the spotlight.  They are the famous duo: the Bunzinski Dansorinis.  They are known world wide for their leg kicks.

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(13) Watercolor Rabbit Print

About the art medium:  Original Rabbit Cartoons were painted with Winsor Newton and Daniel Smith Watercolors and pen and ink on Arches Cold Press 140 lb. paper. 


(01) The World is My Carrot!
Gifts for Rabbit Lovers

This cute cartoon bunny is rich with more than 24 carrots...because, well, Abunnydance happens.

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(01)Watercolor Rabbit Print


(02) Yippee!!!
T-shirts with Original Art

These happy cartoon rabbits are wildly glad with glee and jumping for JOY! Exhuberance lives in their very fur.

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(02)Watercolor Rabbit Print


(04) Full Moon
at Lettuce Festival
T-shirts with Original Art

It's a full moon and these funny bunnies are getting goofy...and bouncier than usual.  There's excitement in the air and it's almost time for the festival.

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(04)Watercolor Rabbit Print


(06) Bunny Buds in
San Diego
Gifts for Rabbit Lovers

These 2 cute bunny pals are at the boat harbor in San Diego.  Hey, who is that tourist bunny peeking and waving in the picture?  Anybunny you know?

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(06) Watercolor Rabbit Print


(08) Behind the Scenes
Gifts for Rabbit Lovers

These playful funny rabbits are in the sunflower and lavendar fields of Provence (in the South of France).  We interrupted them right in the middle of a game of hide and seek and ready-or-not- here-I-come. One bunny is already hiding... can you see his ears? 

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(08) Watercolor Rabbit Print


(10) Bunny Dip at Pt. Lapin
Gifts for Rabbit Lovers

These cartoon rabbits are dancing out at Pt. Lobos, Calif. and they have renamed it Pt. Lapin.(Lapin is french for rabbit) They are showing off a bit, their elegant rabbit rhapsody style, as they perform this dip under the Monterey Pine.These rabbits are dancing fools!

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(10) Watercolor Rabbit Print


(12) Tai Chi at Sunset
Gifts for Rabbit Lovers

These 3 cute rabbits are doing their funny bunny tai chi.  They are very in tune and adept and you can see.

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(12) Watercolor Rabbit Print


(14) Peeper Cottontail
Gifts for Rabbit Lovers

These cute bunny rabbits are out for a walk in the park. One has a trail of his 6 fuzzy peeping chicks friends with him.  One chick likes to ride on his head for a nice view. Don't worry, they are all potty trained.

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(14) Watercolor Rabbit Print



(15) Disco at Disneyland

 These two photo -opportunity -moment bunnies are dancing in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland hoping to make a cool video memory.  It's a good thing this is only a still shot, in the video they just get too silly for words.

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(15) Watercolor Rabbit Print


(17) Beach Blanket Bunny

These 3 cute beach bunnies are soaking up some rays on the sand.  It's a perfect sunny beach day and their fur is gently fluffed from the salt air. Some call it Beach Bunny Bingo. Where is Annette and Frankie?

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(17) Watercolor Rabbit Print


(16) Hareobics at the Hareport

These three cute bunny rabbits are hareobic dancing while watching the jets take-off and land at the hareport.  It's what they do every Friday night... unless one has a hot date.

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(16) Watercolor Rabbit Print


(18) Bay Watch

These cute bunny rabbits are hanging out at the beach when --Zoom, the bunny lifeguard is running out to the water.  Oh, the excitement! It's just like on Bay Watch.

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(18) Watercolor Rabbit Print


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(19) Bunny Da Vinci    Unique Gift Personalized with Cute Funny Sayings

Here's the true Renaissance Bunny da Vinci Code Clues:
OH, Lettuce so Leafy, You are Beyond Beliefy!
Bottom reads:  "Oh lettuce dreams!  Rock and roll my little escarole.  Oh twist and shout, my darling sprout.  I want to ravage my green sweet cabbage  I feel so alive, with my endive.  I feel so free, with my snowy pea.  And oh my carrot!  I just can't bare it!  You are the orange root that makes my heart go toot.  Oh yellow squash blossom, you are so awesome.  Oh dainty beet top, you make my breath stop.  Oh broccoli florette, I just adore it, when your crunch, so dreamy, makes me steamy.  Oh lettuce so leafy-- You are beyond belief-y!"  Top reads:  "I love carrots!  I love sprouts! I love clover blossoms sooo much!! Oh yes!  I love tasty bites of little baby fresh lettuces - oh I just adore my leafy nibbles!!! Oh and escarole makes my knees weak. And I twitch for a morsel of zesty radicchio- Oh and my petite sweet dumpling of leafyness: endive!"
This is a print of a playful rabbit illustration I made (after a long discussion with a group of bunnies about the current movie) We need a vegetarian to decifer this leafy code!


If you would like a  unique gift personalized 
(by adding your own words),

visit my shop at

(19) Watercolor Rabbit Print with Funny Silly Rabbit Poem

Magnified close up detail of watercolor art print

Here is an example of the magnified watercolor paper paint patterns and textures in the final images.  This is the corner of an ear on Full Moon at Lettuce Festival Bunnies.

To purchase:

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You can download any cartoon rabbit watercolor to print from your computer as often as you like(use Add to Cart buttons). 
You will receive a beautiful high quality 300 dpi resolution pdf file. 
(the original scans were approximately  4"x3.5" @300dpi).

(*Important note: The large Lillyarts logo serves as a watermark.
On the final image, the logo will be tiny at the bottom.
These thumbnails do not show the richness of color, brush stroke detail, and watercolor paint texture patterns. The  actual brilliant high quality digital file you will be purchasing is light years different than the computer thumbnails seen here.
 See the close up detail of texture.*) 

The bunnies are multiplying!cartoon eyes clipart surprise look Pay less for more...affordable art work: 6 Bunny Rabbit Paintings for $16.99!  :
Pictures 01-06= Set #1                      Pictures 07-12= Set #2                      Pictures 13-18= Set #3

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Free Jigsaw Puzzles -
E Cards Free Funny:
Play Bunnies Send Bunnies

funny face eyes clip art
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Like to play this
cartoon rabbits jigsaw puzzle?

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cartoon eyes clipart big smile


Here are some more cute funny bunny pictures of rabbits that I seem to meet everywhere...  in Hawaii, the park, and at the zoo. (The zoo funny video clips links are of a wild bunny that came out of the bushes.)

I don't know what it is, but THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT BUNNIES.  Maybe it's the way they wiggle their nose? I love seeing them:  in Balboa Park, out camping in the desert, in pet stores, in pictures on the internet, and in magazines like Ranger Rick.  I never get tired of looking at cute rabbits!

cute rabbit picture
pictures of rabbits feeding
Feeding cute rabbit picture

Hawaii bunny

We went to Hawaii and I met a special Lop Bunny on Maui.  I fell in love and went back every evening and brought him treats so I could feed him.
I got all sorts of various sprouts and asked the produce man about leafy greens. 
I took pictures of him and made up names for him. (My husband was making silly faces saying "Oh Yes, Sure!
Let's go feed the bunny again
Of course!"

Cute baby wild bunny rabbit picture

Wild Zoo Bunny

pictures of rabbits standing in park

Balboa Park Bunny

  I recently went to the zoo and met a wild baby bunny that came out of the bushes right in front of me. What a fun surprise!
 He was the cutest little rabbit I had ever seen.
 I was in heaven!
Here's a video


So, recently I  finally realized that I might possibly be a bit cartoon crazy over rabbits.  I can't seem to stop myself from drawing these cartoon rabbits!   I am buggy for bunnies and hot for hares!   Maybe,... that is GOOD?!  After all, they make me smile and feel mischievous and silly.  They help my MENTAL-ness.  (and that is very fundaMENTAL!)
Maybe very soon in our future, 5 out of 6 doctors will say: "Take 2 cartoon rabbits and call me in the morning."  (These will be the doctors on the cutting edge, of course.)



More cute funny bunny pictures from cute animal pictures, a lens I made at squidoo.

For more pictures of rabbits, here are some heart warming and excellent cute slide shows from Flickr:  (adjust the speed at the top because there are thousands of lovely rabbits to look at)

 E MAIL HERE  for permission to use any of these copyrighted images- THANK YOU!!!

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