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Cute Christmas Elf Cartoon on T-shirts with Original Art

Inspire some goofy delight!  Cute funny sayings by funnyfunny smile face Santa Christmas Elves

These cute funny sayings on signs held up by a group of endearingly goofball Santa's Christmas Elves are reminders about who we are and why we are here. If you look deeply into their eyes, they will charm you into holiday festive silliness. (They are verging on hypnotic enchantment.)  They have some sort of love power??!#  Quick, cover your eyes and run!
As a strong potion, they are a holiday gift that begins the ripple effect of mischievious joy.   They might unleash that 'child at heart' spirit within us all.  Perfect for that infant, toddler, or kid to wear because they already know.


T-shirts with orginal art from a cute christmas elf saying words of holiday cheer will deliver a goofy smile in a childlike spirit to lighten up even the Grinchiest Scrooge. Cute funny sayings by Santa elves include:  Be Jolly, Joy Glee Fun, Laughter, Gladness, and Cheer.

Christmas elf cartoon cute funny sayings be jelly jolly

Christmas elves being cute, funny saying: Be jolly

santa elf picture saying cheer

Christmas elf being cute, funny saying: Cheer

Christmas elf cartoon cute funny sayings joy glee fun

Cute elfs saying:
Joy Glee Fun!

Christmas cartoon elf cute funny sayings gladness

Christmas elf being cute funny saying :Gladness

Santa elf pictures cute funny sayings laughter

Santa elf saying Laughter

cute christmas elves pillow

Holiday pillow with Christmas elves being cute, funny saying: be jelly, whoops, jolly

Need a cute Christmas gift idea for children, babies, toddlers or kids?  Newborn Christmas clothes, kid christmas clothes, or the child at heart adult, these cartoon elfs make a fun gift idea for the holidays. 

Besides t shirts, these original art designs are available printed on a bright ceramic tile coaster, cute fabric tote bags, and stocking stuffer sized magnets, buttons, or pins.  To relax with coffee, you can get a Santas elf pillow or elf mug. There is even a whimsical elf light switch plate, dog clothes, and postage stamps  See all the products at my elf gift shop

For infant and newborn Christmas clothes, there are creepers and bibs.  For  toddlers, children and older kids, there are Christmas elf cute saying t shirts, baseball jerseys, hoodies, and sweatshirts.

Two designs for one price.  Affordably priced two-sided printing offers two different designs printed on many of the shirt styles.

christmas elves cartoon on infant bib for baby

cute bib for new baby

Christmas elves cartoon on blank journal

 Happy Jollidays! Cute cartoon elves Blank Journal Notebook

newborn christmas clothes cartoon elfs

infant creeper

funny and cute greeting cards Christmas elves

funny and cute elf greeting cards

santas elf picture on kids baseball jersey
t-shirts with original art christmas elves cartoon

childs baseball jersey
(also in navy and black colors)

Christmas shirts for toddlers kids t-shirts cartoon elfs

Christmas shirts for toddlers

Christmas apparel pet dog t-shirt

Christmas gift for dog
dog t-shirt

Cute Christmas elf postage stamps for your holiday cards

Add some serious delight messages to your cards.
Dress up your envelopes with playful joy.

Christmas Cartoon Holiday Elf Postage Cheer Stamp stamp 

Cartoon Cheer elf Postage

Christmas Cartoon Holiday Elf Postage Gladness stamp 

Gladness Elf Custom Postage

Christmas Cartoon Holiday Elf Postage Stamp stamp 

Christmas Cartoon Elf Laughter Postage Stamp stamp 

Laughter Elf Christmas Postage

Christmas Cartoon Elf Postage Joy Glee Fun Stamp stamp 

Joy Glee Elf Cartoon Postage

More cartoon animal cute Christmas art gift ideas

Make personalized Christmas cards:
Add, edit, or change, to create your custom card

personalized Christmas cards

You can customize and personalize this funny and cute greeting card at zazzle

funny Christmas gift idea for him

Funny Christmas gift idea for him

Be Jolly Cute Elves Custom Xmas Postage

Say 'Seasons Green Things' for Christmas.  Send cute cartoon kittens for your Happy Holiday Joy Wishes on paper greeting cards.




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