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Kissing Cartoons with Big Cartoon Lips and Funny Word Play

Funny Cartoon Pictures of Smooch Clip Art and Cute  Love Sayings


Drawing kissing cartoons of funny characters in their profile view has become a silly habit for me.  It is all about the big cartoon lips.  They make my friends crackup.  The bigger I make the lips, the more they laugh and say: "What's the matter with their lips?!"  And I respond casually, "Nothing, they are kissing." 
That's how it goes.  I am a sucker for this reaction. 
So I invented the invisible secret kissy-poo monster that affects everybody and everything.  The k-poo monster makes them all want to give kisses so then, I can draw the cute love cartoons and put the funny lips on them.

 I have been drawing funny cartoon pictures of smooch clip art for years on cocktail napkins, journals, and scrap paper.  I draw eyes and lips on trees, animals, plants, rocks, and objects and have them all in love with each other, smooching in a cute love ridiculous style, just to try to get this reaction from friends. Sometimes they try to run away and I chase them around until I make him look at the silly pictures.  It's very fun. 

The kissing cartoons below are of only medium sized lips.  I will be adding more pictures in time.  Maybe some of the really silly giant lipped ones.

Funny cartoon kisses smooch clip art
silly cartoon faces of smooch clip art
cartoon kissing couple with big cartoon lips

Kissing Cartoon 1: Words prior to the kiss: 
"My spicy little meatball, your lips are like flannel tomatoes."*

Kissing Cartoon 3: Words prior to the smooch:
"My little pudding cup, your lips are like soft kitten pads"*

Cartoon Lips Kiss 5:
Poetic words just before the kiss:
"Oh my little possum pouch, let's be in love forever"*

cartoon kisses cartoon lips

Cartoon Kisses 2: Words prior to the kiss:
"My bronze dinosaur, your lips are like crimson marshmallows"*

funny cartoon kisses

Cartoon Couple Kiss 4:
Romantic words just before the kiss:
"My cute corn cake, your lips are like warm cloud puff trampolines"*

funny cartoon kissing couple

Cartoon Lips Embrace 6: Sweet sayings just a moment before kissing:
"Oh my sweet floppy tadpole, you make my pond hop"*

Cute Love Sayings - Silly Endearing Pet Names:


I also have several cute love sayings and silly endearing pet names.  My partner called me new funny names daily.  One morning I woke up and he said: 
"Good morning my little naked mole rat."  I screamed while laughing "What!!?"   I couldn't believe it!  I was going to get even... (We go to the zoo often, so animal names come up often).
Another funny pet name he gave me was:
"My little dung beetle"!  He is so romantic.

The only way I can get even is by making up disgustingly sweet sugar pie cutesy names about him.  So I might, for instance, try to call him "my sweet potato dumpling face."   Or say, good morning "nibble nosh stinky twinky."  If he makes a crinkly wrinkly face and says "Euwwwwwwwww!  I feel pretty good. 

cartoon kisses cartoon lips
silly cartoon faces of smooch clip art

Cartoon Lips Kiss 7:
Sweet sayings prior to kiss:
"My darling pistachio nut, your ears are like soft rabbits"*

Cartoon Lips Kiss 9:
Sweet sayings prior to kiss:
"My figgy munchy morsel, I am wanting to kiss your sweet dewy drop lips of pink potatoes"*

Le Kissy-Poo:

silly cartoon faces of smooch clip art

Cartoon Lips Kiss 8:
Sweet sayings prior to kiss:
"My hunky porkchop, let's go steady and be roomies"*

cartoon kissing couple

Cartoon Lips Kiss 10:
Sweet sayings prior to kiss:
"My frosted crunchy tidbit, your lips are like perky pink plums"*

Here is a kissy-poo cartoon I painted onto a tray prior to visiting France.  I titled it 'Nous Avons Le Kissy-Poo' (We have the kissy-poo).  I wrote all the fun French cities we would travel to around the edges.  You cannot quite see but top right I signed it 'L. Flugere.' (with an accent over the 2nd e, because I was pretending to be french during that time period.)  You can see the cartoon lips are in their early stages of development, petite and reasonably small. Well, we all must begin somewhere.  This kissy-poo tray is at Dagmar's gallery in Germany.  She is a beautiful looking fun friend I met there.  I completely forgot about this tray until she sent me the picture by E-mail.  She must have been picking up on the kissy-poo vibes of this page. 


*These sayings were secretly recorded from live kissing moments by undercover pets just for use on this web page.  Big cartoon lips are always representative of very true love and a bold kissy nature.  This is silly smooch clip art to be used when you need a picture that goes beyond everyday regular love words. Use with reckless abandon at your own zesty risk.

Here is a famous "kiss" in San Diego.
Dedicated on February 11, 2007, this 6000 pound 25 foot sculpture is made after a famous kissing image from Life Magazine taken in Times Square in 1945.  It was V-J day and the air was filled with excitement.  Lots of kissing. 
Here's the original photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt.

Famous Kissing Couple Statue USS Midway

The kissing statue was removed and re-made in bronze, and just put back up on 2-16-13 in it's same spot. I thought it was pretty funny how it looked laying down and in the process.

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