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Funny Thanksgiving Cartoons
Postage Stamps Cartoon Squash - Cute cartoon Turkeys Jigsaw eCard

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Happy Fall Harvest!

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Thanks.

Are you Game?... for a riddle...


Why did the turkey cross the road?
Here is the answer backwards: .noitom ni yrtluop eb ot detnaw eh esuaceB...*



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cartoon turkey pinkGive thanks with silly cartoon squash!?  Sure, why not.  These funny Thanksgiving cartoons of cute squash will surely liven up your holiday mail.  Isn't it great that postage stamps can now be custom printed with funny happy pictures?

They are so silly, they will make your friends and relatives grin.  Squash is such a prolific grower, it has always come to mean great bounty from the earth.

These representatives of nature's abundance have a real gratitude attitude saying thanks and waving.  I think they want to be eaten. 

Squash and gourds and pumpkins always feel so festive to me. These cartoon squash look like they are already at the fun party...


Click on the picture to see more detail. Custom postage stamps cartoon (available in different postage amounts) can be PERSONALIZED. You can take off the thanks, and add whatever you wish.

butternut squash as postage stamp cartoon

Nutty Butternut Squash Cartoon Postage Stamp

5 cartoon squash gourds postage

5 flying cartoon squash and gourds giving  "Thanks" cute custom postage stamps

funny thanksgiving cartoons turban squash as postage stamp cartoon

Turban Cartoon Squash Postage Stamp

funny thanksgiving cartoons pumpkin postage stamps cartoon waving and saying Thanks

Pumpkin Cartoon 5 arms waving Thanks Postage Stamp



Send Cartoon Thanksgiving Pictures as holiday puzzle e-cards:

If you would like to send a cartoon thanksgiving holiday squash picture as a free e card jigsaw puzzle, visit my Thanksgiving Season Puzzle Gallery. Find leaves of Autumn harvest foliage and many cute cartoon squash.  Each can be played online as a puzzle or sent as a puzzle ecard greeting to a friend. Send Squash to say hi.  Send leaves to Fall O Up.

Here are pictures of the Thanksgiving Cartoons and fall folliage watercolors you can send from my puzzle art gallery at Jigzone.

11 Cartoon Thanksgiving Pictures of Leaves and Squash reads Happy Thanks Giving!

Questions about art  licensing or commissions.
      E MAIL ME

I hope your holidays are rich with all the flavors of the season. 
Speaking for the squash, they wanted me to thank you for loving to eat them. 
Thanks for visiting. 

Purchase my art on personalized gifts at my gift shops.

Cute and goofy squash postage stamps giving thanks now saying bye bye. Out with the squash, in with the turkeys...


Cartoon Turkeys, Funny and Cute as Jigsaw Puzzle E Card to send to a friend.

cute turkey cartoon face

I'm Game.

These cute cartoon turkeys have a Thanksgiving message:

It's okay to be a turkey, because, we're all turkeys...sometimes.
So "Are you Game?...
to play a
cartoon jigsaw puzzle game. ?"..asks this cute game bird gang.

4 funny cartoon Turkeys in a line

You don't have to be a turkey to enjoy this turkey cartoon.


Are you game?  Do you have turkeyphoria?  Get cute with fun cartoon turkey Thanksgiving cards. These are paper greeting cards you can personalize.




*Answer to riddle:           Because he wanted to be poultry in motion.

 E MAIL HERE  for permission to use any of these copyrighted images- THANK YOU!!!

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