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Feel Good Food For Thought:  More Abrahamster  Cookies!

Abrahamster cookies have good taste in their choice of thought.

So if they have good taste AND they taste good, that makes them feel GOODER than expected. 
Zero calories.
For those times when you just have to have a cute hamster cookie...


Abrahamster Cartoon Cookie Joy with Candy Cane Abrahamster Cartoon Cookie Joy
Abrahamster Cartoon Cookie Joy

No, Bite me, I am a tasty tidbit treat.

No, eat me, I want to be your dumpling of delight.

Bite me, I'm a delicious morsel.

Abrahamster Cartoon Cookie Joy Nothing is More Important Than that I feel Good Abraham Hicks
Abrahamster cookies Beta stage


(Cookies in Beta testing stage)
also referred to as creatively
"molding the clay"

"Nothing is more important than that I feel good"
Sometimes repetition is a good thing.
I never met a more determined cookie.

Abrahamster 3 Cartoon Cookies Joy Good Tastes Good
Abrahamster Cartoon Cookie Joy "My Happiness is my greatest gift to others" Abraham Hicks Card
Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent Book with Joy Abrahamster cookie and three rocks with jiggle eyes

While Abrahamster cookies  don't have a large vocabulary, they do make a sweet point. 

Abrahamster has very good taste in what is a great gift to others.

Abrahamster Cartoon Cookie Joy Ask and It is Given Book Abraham Hicks
Abrahamster Cartoon Cookie Joy with Pine cone

Abrahamster's library rocks! Everybody in this picture is very excited about the book: The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent  by Abraham Hicks. 

Abrahamster and a friend he met on a hike deep in philosophical discussion..

Abrahamster has read this book (Ask and It is Given)  a kajillion times and always feels high on life on cloud 9 when he does.  Maybe it is cause he draws pictures of himself in the margins.

Abrahamster Cartoon Cookie Joy Fun
Abrahamster Cartoon Cookie Joy

This is making me hungry? and crazy!...

Get me out of here!

Abrahamster is endorsing his favorite activity: Fun

Abrahamster Cartoon Cookie Joy with Tree Seasons Greetings

Three Joy Abrahamsters saying "Sweeeeeet!"

Abrahamster is now literaLilly a Magnet for Joy! He also has a magnetic personality! Click on his cookie picture below to purchase.

*New also:
Triple Joy Mug Shots.

Triple hamster joy coffee mug 

Abrahamster joy cookie magnet 

Abrahamster at Christmas Holiday Time waving




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